Two entities with one aim, to revolutionize the world of sports.

The platform by which we can help every athlete in the world to earn more money, and to have a sustainable sports career, and real career pathway by supporting, educating, and loving them.

The media and entertainment arm of Global Sports Management Services will continue to grow, inspire, motivate and educate our worldwide audience of sports fans.


To enable every professional athlete and coach in the world to be supported before, during and after their sporting career.


To implement a business model for the sports industry that focuses on the well being of the athletes and coaches, that measures the true impact of sponsors, and the legacy of the participants.

What Problem Are We Solving?

There are 30 million professional athletes in the world.
The majority don’t have access or the means to a decent education, they do not have sufficient wealth to create a sustainable life during or after their sports career.
Many are dealing with mental health issues and in the case of so many who are young, they simply do not know the true impact that a professional sports career demands.

Ways We Support Athletes

Vision Love Athletes